Tuesday, August 5, 2008

911 call records teen murdering his mother

A Vermont teenager has pleaded not guilty to charges he beat and fatally shot his own mother. Police say the murder was recorded on a 911 call.

14-year-old Christian James Taylor is charged in the death of his 40-year-old mother Francine Morgan at their home in Wells.

Court documents say Morgan called 911 at 3:55 a.m. Saturday, that a recording of the call has her screaming and the sounds of one object striking another. It adds, "A short time later, the female's voice stops. There were no responses to the 911 dispatcher." Apparently Taylor beat her with a heavy flashlight and then shot her.

Although Taylor is being charged as an adult, Judge William Cohen ordered him held in juvenile detention center pending further proceedings. Taylor told police he had a dream that a "shadowy figure" attacked his mother. (info & photo from NECN)

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