Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Man arrested for calling 911 to ask about moon

A Florida man was arrested earlier this month for making false 911 calls three times without any emergency that included questions about moon phases.

He called 911 three times: once to report someone knocking at his door, another time to say he knew where narcotics were being sold, and again to say he “needs the police out here,” according to his Okaloosa County arrest report.

He also called the sheriff’s non-emergency line to see if the person who knocked on his door had been arrested. A deputy who responded to each call eventually met the man. “I asked the defendant if he had an emergency,” Deputy Michael Brake wrote in his report. He “replied he did not have an emergency but did have a question.”

Then the man pointed to the moon and asked, “Is that a half moon?” according to the report. "I asked the defendant if he dialed 911 to ask the question,” Brake said. The man said he did.

He is scheduled to appear in court June 3. (info from Freedom Interactive Newspapers of Florida)

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