Monday, May 19, 2008

Cops responding to 911 call found bootleg DVDs

Over 40,000 DVDs were seized in a home in Toronto, Canada on May 6th, after receiving a 911 call for an unknown trouble with a woman screaming in the background.

Police found evidence of an extensive DVD piracy operation in the basement bedroom of the house, but found no trace of who made the call.

A bed surrounded by shelves suggests multiple shifts in the production of the DVDs, which would increase the amount of illegal copies produced for sale.

A search warrant was executed and police seized more than $400,000 worth of DVDs along with several DVD burners.

Seized DVDs included films such as Iron Man and movies that have been recently released in theaters, pay-per-view and the open market. Police have not yet made any arrests as they still continue to investigate. (info from The Toronto Evening Star, & National Post)

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