Friday, May 15, 2009

Worried robber called 911 to be rescued

A man in Woodruff, South Carolina who robbed a convenience store, called police on himself and surrendered because he "was in some trouble and wanted to get off the streets."

William Gary called 911 to report his crime about 12:45 a.m. Thursday, about an hour after he used a knife to rob Li'L Cricket and said he would be waiting with his hands up.

Spartanburg County Master Deputy Tony Ivey said deputies were skeptical and "went in very cautiously" but spotted Gary standing in front of a residence with his hands up. Ivey said Gary was "very cooperative" with deputies.

Gary was arrested on the admission of the armed robbery. A clerk, who was not injured, positively identified Gary as the man who entered the store and demanded money while armed with a 5-inch knife. Authorities found his knife near the Fire Department.

A deputy instructed Gary not to tell him anything until a detective arrived, but Gary replied that "he didn't care about all that." Gary then told the deputy that he got $31 during the robbery and said he was "in trouble and needed to get off the streets" and didn't "want to get his wife and kid involved in his mess."

Deputies added more charges against Gary Thursday evening, accusing him of burglary, arson and grand larceny last month. He was being held on $25,000 bond.

Gary and Kenneth Hendricks are accused of breaking into a trailer and setting it on fire on April 30. A report indicates that Gary took guitars from the residence before the men started a fire near a window air conditioner. Four dogs died during the fire. Hendricks was charged with burglary, arson and obtaining goods by a false pretense. (info from the Spartanburg Herald-Journal)

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