Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Insufficient shrimp? Call 911

Recently we've heard of 911 complaint calls about McDonald's and a pizza place.

Now it's time for a Chinese restaurant to cause a call to the cops.

On Monday, a woman in Hamtom City, Texas called 911 to report she didn't get as much shrimp as she wanted in her fried rice at a restaurant.

In the taped emergency call the customer asked the dispatcher, "to get a police officer up here, what has to happen?" The customer also said: "He didn't even put extra shrimp in there." The upset customer was gone when an officer arrived.

Restaurant workers say the woman had been denied a refund after leaving with her order, then returning to complain. Cook June Lee said there was nothing wrong with the meal, and that "some customers are happy. Some are not." (info from

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Kevin said...

People this frigging STUPID should just be exterminated. There's just no compelling reason for them to be taking up space on the planet