Thursday, February 19, 2009

Burglary victim called 911 and stole bad guys' getaway vehicle

A Washington state man outsmarted burglars by stealing from them. When they broke into his home, he left them with no way to get away.

Patrick Rosario was in his basement when two burglars broke down the front door. "It was just a big boom and I heard running footsteps," Rosario said. He peeked through a crack under the basement door and saw unfamiliar jeans running around, pulling out his TV.

He ducked out the back door while calling 911 and got to the driveway and saw the getaway van with its engine running. He got in and drove around the corner to a friend's house.

Here is the transcription of the 911 call:

Patrick: "They just broke in and they've been running around in my house and oh look they left the door open with the car. Uh I just drove their car away."

911 Dispatcher: "Don't do that sir! You just stole their car"

Patrick: "Yeah, I know I just stole their car."

911 Dispatcher: "Okay, you can now be charged with that. Stop."

Patrick: "Okay, I'm stopping, i'm stopping."

"It did occur to me as I was jumping in and putting the van into drive that I was actually robbing my robbers, which was a pretty satisfying feeling I gotta say!" Rosario said.

By the time officers arrived, the would-be thieves were gone, Leaving a pile of TVs, electronics, and even Rosario's son's tricycle behind. Officers searched the suspects' vehicle for clues.

"It was simultaneously one of the smarter and dumber things I've ever done," Rosario said. (info from WBBH TV)

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