Thursday, September 25, 2008

Woman threatened to shoot 911 operator

A woman called 911 in Tampa, Florida on September 14 and told the operator that if she had an AK-47 assault rifle, "she would stick it in the 911 operator's mouth and shoot it."

Police responded to the false 911 call shortly after 7AM and found Khaliyah Limehouse at a pay phone. When they arrived, Limehouse started yelling that she made the 911 call and "would kill the officers if she had a gun."

As she was being arrested, Limehouse kicked an officer in the legs and hips and tried to bite him, police said. After her arrest, officers found 1 gram of marijuana in Limehouse's purse, according police.

Limehouse was charged with making a false 911 call, obstructing or opposing an officer with violence, possession of marijuana and two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer. (info from Tampa Bay Online)

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