Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Man jailed after calling 911 over 50 times

The firefighters and paramedics at Rescue 9 in Tampa, Florida say they know Isidoro Acosta all too well. This month Acosta has called 911 more than 50 times, falsely seeking medical assistance. Each time, Rescue 9 has responded.

Each time, firefighters say, lives have been endangered and personnel and equipment have been tied up.

Early Sunday morning Acosta was back at it.

Firefighters responded to a call from a gas station. It was Acosta. Firefighters then called police.

Acosta ran away before being apprehended. The Cuban national, with mental health problems, "made numerous excited statements that he could call 911 any time he wanted for his medication or a ride." After being read his rights, Acosta invoked his right to remain silent.

Firefighters say they repeatedly have explained to Acosta that his calls do not constitute a 911 emergency. When they respond, they say, Acosta is aggressive and belligerent. "He appears to think the 911 system is some kind of big game," the report states.

Acosta was charged with abuse of the 911 system. He was being held in jail. Bail was set at $500. (info from Tampa Bay Online)

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eliasibacosta@rocketmail.com said...

my name is Eliasib Acosta, I am his son and I have been looking for him for about 22 years. If anyone in florida knows about my father please contact me at 1-787-962-9564. I am from Puerto Rico. I am 34 years old and I need your help to find him,he is from Puerto Rico not cuban