Friday, May 21, 2010

Man arrested AGAIN for phony 911 calls

A man in Mastic Beach on Long Island, New York who was arrested last year for making hundreds of false 911 emergency calls, was arrested again Thursday for doing more of the same.

Michael Salino was charged with three counts of falsely reporting an incident, for making phony emergency calls Sunday. Police Sgt. Patrick Mahan said, "He definitely was responsible for those three at least and there are others he's suspected of doing."

Salino was arrested in September 2009, and charged with making false 911 calls. Those charges are still pending, but Salino was released on his own recognizance while those charges are being resolved.

Police believe Salino made at least three new false 911 emergency calls Sunday from a cellphone, reporting a fight, a motor vehicle accident and a fire in a park.

Salino was previously charged with making about 300 calls claiming domestic fights, fires, armed robberies, explosions, car crashes and hit-and-runs, police said. At times he spoke quietly and gave a female name, and once identified himself as Christopher Columbus. (info from Newsday)