Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Man jailed for calling 911 to complain about cop

A deputy in Lake County, Florida was going to let a man go with just a warning during a traffic stop, but the deputy said Chris Detwiller's actions, calling 911 twice to report the deputy's alleged abuse, landed him in jail.

Detwiller told the 911 dispatcher, “Can you please hurry and have a guy come here, because if this guy lays a hand on me, I'm gonna have to defend myself. The only reason why I haven't defended myself yet is because he's a sheriff,” Detwiller said during one of the calls.

The 911 calls landed Detwiller bruised up and in jail. He's charged with dialing 911 for a non-emergency, but Detwiller said he called because he was being wrongfully harassed.

“He's laying a hand on me. The whole nine. I don't appreciate this,” Detwiller said.

“OK,” the dispatcher replied.

“I've done nothing wrong to this guy,” Detwiller told the dispatcher.

"If he's complaining Scott had to put a hand on him to arrest him, well, yeah. Sometimes when you take a person into custody you have to put a hand on him," said Lt .James Vachon, Lake County Sheriff's Office.

Detwiller has never been arrested before and admits being heated when pulled over.

“If you want to leave a complaint about him I can have the supervisor call you,” the dispatcher told him during the calls.

“Correct! I need a supervisor out here,” Detwiller replied.

"The worst thing that can happen out of a traffic stop is a citation," Vachon said. “If you feel you were wronged, take the ticket and file a complaint later.”

"I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort," Detwiller said during the calls.

Detwiler was not charged with resisting arrest or resisting arrest without violence. He plans to hire a lawyer and file a complaint. (info from