Monday, December 8, 2008

Man killed after threatening to kill cops when father called 911 about him

A Sonoma, California man who vowed never to go back to prison was fatally shot Saturday. Craig Von Dohlen threatened to shoot police officers who responded to a 911 call, apparently from his father. The caller told police that Von Dohlen had a loaded .22 caliber rifle and was threatening to kill others and commit suicide.

On the 911 recording, Von Dohlen can be heard threatening the two deputy sheriffs and two Sonoma police officers dispatched to the home. The officers encountered Von Dohlen in the backyard of the home, and multiple shots can be heard on the tape.

Von Dohlen was struck by gunfire. Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Lisa Banayat confirmed Sunday that officers at the scene fired their weapons, but it wasn't clear whether their shots killed the man. She said she didn't know if Von Dohlen fired his weapon.

He was pronounced dead at Sonoma Valley Hospital. The deputies and officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave, following protocols for officer-involved shootings. An autopsy is scheduled. (info from The San Francisco Chronicle)

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Cathy said...

He was shot with TEN BULLETS from the police.

One reader wrote, "It does not take numerous fatal shots to gain control of a situation. How many officers fired their weapons, how many total shots were taken? Explain to the public why other options to place the suspect under control was not used. I respect our law enforcement but feel that they loose control in these situations. I understand that other's were at risk, but how many people were at risk from the shots from law enforcement? Fatally shooting the man was not their only option - was it?"

I agree.

Very tragic and quite troubling.