Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fake 911 call caused cop crash

Authorities in Wilmington, Delaware are trying to figure out who made a fake 911 call that led a police officer to get into a car accident. Last week, a man called 911 claiming that his children were stuck inside a burning building.

Emergency crews rushed to the reported location only to find out there was no fire. On the way to the scene, a police officer crashed his car. He was not seriously hurt. Emergency response teams have to treat every 911 call as legitimate.

"Late at night when people are out partying we tend to get a lot of false alarms, and with the amount of drunk drivers on the roads it can put us in even more danger," said Capt. Mark Williamson. It is a crime to make a fake 911 call. (photo and info from WECT TV)

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